Ragdoll Cat Price ? complete Cost Guideline

One concern that’s constantly on the minds of any potential ragdoll cat owner is the ragdoll Cat price.

While many individuals view Ragdoll cats as costly, I can state without doubt, this breed deserves the financial investment.

Raggies are a type of felines typically (but not always) an amiable and caring personality.

With their amazingly floppy nature, ragdolls discover as beautiful, soft, cuddly, and caring household animals.

Ragdoll Cat

Amazingly, these cats are big and heavy compared to other cat breeds.

Even with their size, (some) ragdolls tend to go limp in your arms when being gotten, much like a ragdoll. And easily, they get their name, Ragdoll!

But with these much demanded applauds, they include a price, a significant one at that.

More about Ragdoll Cat Price

The Ragdoll cat price is affected by factors such as the feline’s pedigree, the country or state, age, show record (if any), and the breed’s purpose.

For starters, purchasing a pure-blooded ragdoll kitty cat from a program breeder is a bit costly compared to rehoming an adult ragdoll cat.

But buying a kitty isn’t the only choice available.

You can likewise discover fully grown ragdoll felines for sale. Often, the breeder might stop working to sell the kitty for some reason, and the kitty cat grows before discovering a buyer. In other circumstances, you might find a breeder who has retired and is selling of his older felines.

In all these circumstances, expect to see a less expensive fully grown ragdoll feline.

But, bear in mind that it’s harder presenting an older ragdoll feline to your home than a kitten.

Ragdoll Kitten

The Ragdoll Cat Price Range

Ragdoll cat cost variety is between $1000 for an animal ragdoll and $2500 for a program type Ragdoll.

Nevertheless, these prices vary from region to region and whether you’re purchasing breeding rights too.

Even at that, you can be sure that the need for a ragdoll cat is high across the globe.

In some nations like China, a Ragdoll cat isn’t just an animal; it’s also considered as a status symbol.

Ragdoll Cat Price In UK ₤ 500
Ragdoll Cat Price in United States $900– $2200.
Ragdoll Cat Price in New Zealand$1000.
Ragdoll Cat Price in China¥ 5,500.
Ragdoll Cat Price in AustraliaAU$ 1,800– AU$ 2,600.
Ragdoll Cat Price in South AfricaR 1500– R 6000.
Ragdoll Cat Price in Nigeria₦ 15000– ₦ 55,000.
Ragdoll Cat Price in EgyptE₤ 8,000.

You’ll find Ragdoll cat price distinctions for each state in the U.S. because different factors determine these costs.

It isn’t typical to get a Ragdoll kitty from a credible breeder going below $1000 in the U.S.

Let’s appearance at the verity of different kitten costs in the U.S.

Ragdoll Cat Price in New York city $1700– $2000.
Ragdoll Cat Price in Florida$600– $1,500.
Ragdoll Cat Price in Arizona$900– $1000.
Ragdoll Cat Price in Virginia$1000– $3000.

General Ragdoll Kitten Price.

Usually, Ragdoll cats price more than numerous other cat types due to the fact that of their preferable characteristics.

In a perfect world, they are entirely picked and repeated by experienced and ensured breeders who understand what these breeds are. By the by, remember that not all reproducers are made equivalent.

Be sure to look for a trusted breeder by asking the breeder lots of questions.

Besides, this breed of cat is not readily available on the market, which drives the cost up even more.

Ragdoll Kitten QualityApproximate Cost.
Breeder & Show Quality$2,600+.
Program Quality$1,200– $2,250+.
Breeder Quality $1,500– $2,500+.
Pet Quality$450+.

The above table shows that pet quality is the most affordable consideration for the ragdoll kitty.

Let’s talk more about quality and how it affects the Ragdoll Cat Price.

Program Quality And Pet Quality.

Look is the most substantial distinction between animal and reveal qualities.

This difference straight impacts the price of a ragdoll kitty cat.

Ragdolls for show are expected to have particular patterns and colors suggested by The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

The CFA can disqualify a cat, strictly on the basis of physical characteristics.

For example:

  • A bicolor Ragdoll is disqualified if it lacks the white inverted ‘V’ or has a wider dark area on either of the legs.
  • A mitted pattern Ragdoll that lacks the white chin will be disqualified.

More significantly, all Ragdolls MUST have blue eyes to certify as show types.

Program quality types are strictly selected and reproduced, and this indicates they cost more.

Even as the costs are glaringly different, there is no distinction in regards to behavior and character in between the show and animal breeds.

Both are usually neutered, purified, or have that that rigorous agreement that they’ll be purified or neutered after purchase.

Breeder And Show Quality Ragdoll Cat Price.

If you’re looking for a breeder or reveal quality Ragdoll kitty cat, anticipate to pay more, generally in the range of $2,400+

These reveal quality Ragdolls have best markings that the CFA will permit for the programs. They can also be used for reproducing purposes too, and this commands a higher price. For the breed to pass for program and breed qualities, it must have blue eyes too!

One more thing.

Apart from not being neutered or purified, a breeder quality ragdoll must have likewise undergone tests to eliminate any genetic problems that might be passed onto its offspring.

Reproducing Costs Affect the Price of Ragdoll Cats.

A breeder considers a number of elements when figuring out the price of a Ragdoll cat.

These factors consist of:

  • Costs of parading the cats at feline shows.
  • The titles earned by the reproducing queens at feline programs.
  • Breeding overhead costs.
  • The kitties’ vaccinations and other health care costs.
  • Travel expenses.

Feline shows bring in breeders who travel everywhere to display their breeding queens and studs.

Besides the taking a trip expenditure, there’re also enrollment costs for such shows. During these programs, the feline makes titles that represent the breed standard.

For example, kittens from a Triple Grand Champion would cost more than the kitties from simple Champion studs.

Therefore, it’s important to note that felines that have not made many titles from competitor’s circuits will not fetch more than those that hold numerous titles.

Different Ragdoll Patterns and Their Prices.

Ragdoll Kitten PatternApproximate Cost.
Mitted Ragdoll Cat Price$1,100+
Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Price$1,500+.
Lynx Ragdoll Cat Price$1,400+.
Tortie Ragdoll Cat Price$1600+.

Just a little description of what these patterns are.


Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Blue Mitted, Show Quality Ragdoll Cat (With Hourglass Blaze).

From the physical look, a mitted Ragdoll cat’s front paws have white mittens.

This look has made many cat enthusiasts think that all Ragdoll felines look this way. However, this isn’t the case.

In addition, mitted ragdolls sport white stockings on their back feet, a white stripe on the tummy, and on the chin, which can be misinterpreted for milk.

In many cases, a mitted Ragdoll feline has a face with a white strip or blaze, as the kitty in the photo above. (A perfect hour-glass blaze).


Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

Bicolor Ragdoll Cat.

A bicolor Ragdoll appears like its mitted equivalent and can quickly be misinterpreted for one. However, you can inform the distinction by looking at their feet.

While the mitted Ragdoll has mittens or stockings, the bicolor ragdoll cat has all the feet totally white.

Besides, the bicolor Ragdoll has fluffy white fur on the chest, while the back and body have more color, like a ‘saddle’.

Solid Point.

Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

Blue Point Ragdoll Cat.

Solid point ragdolls have their fluffy physique elegantly significant, making them look much like the Siamese Cats.

This type of Ragdoll feline has colored feet, ears, and tail.

Sometimes, there’s some little color that reveals up on the body.

Nevertheless, the remainder of the body is cream, white, or ivory in color.


Lynx Ragdoll Cat is sitting on sofa

Lynx Ragdoll Cat.

The name might sound exotic, but in the real sense, the Lynx ragdoll feline resembles the strong point one other than that the points have tabby cat markings.

These tabby stripes look like the letter “W” on the Ragdoll’s forehead, making it appear a little like an anxious cat. This feline’s tail and legs also have faint stripes.


Tortie Ragdoll Cat

Blue Tortie Ragdoll Cat.

A tortie ragdoll cat appears like the Calico Cat.

Because this type of Ragdoll has no markings on the whole body, you can determine it by the colors that appear on the tail, feet, and ears.

The most typical tortie colors are red and black, but you can also get:

  • blue (light gray).
  • velvety red.
  • orange.
  • chocolate.


Seal Lynx Ragdoll Cat

Seal Lynx Ragdoll Cat.

Ragdolls are normally grouped based upon their coat patterns.

Often, however, these patterns can be complicated because they might be combined.

For instance, it isn’t surprising to get a ‘mitted tortie identifying white mittens’ and black and red coloring.

You can likewise get a bicolor lynx or a Ragdoll with tabby feline points with a white chest and feet.

With these possible coat pattern mixes, it can get complex attempting to fix some ragdolls into specific types.

Ragdoll Cat Price Vs. Lifetime Cost.

The thought of owning this much desired cat can quickly blind your financial judgment.

While it’s easy to put a cost on the kitty you desire in your family, there are numerous covert costs that you ought to know.

The overall cost of owning a Ragdoll exceeds the initial purchasing cost.

What should you think about?


Ragdolls aren’t typical size 10 pound. felines.

They’re larger in size and heavier in weight. This means that they can consume more food compared to common cats.

Your Ragdoll’s quality and appetite will play a considerable role in identifying just how much you invest in their food, most likely in the variety of $60-80 each month.


Grooming is vital in keeping your Ragdoll healthy. This includes clipping the nails and brushing your feline’s teeth which you can yourself. However, you can likewise seek your veterinarian’s services to examine how things are going.

On average, nail clipping is likely to cost you in between $30-50 after every 2 months.

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Vet Services.

It’s smart to give your Ragdoll Cat (least) yearly vet check-ups.

Wellbeing check-ups may not cost significantly more than $170-300, contingent on your vet’s administrations.

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Other Tests.

These tests aren’t the usual veterinarian tests that are done each year on your Ragdoll feline. Checking your feline and treating it versus parasites, FELV, and FIV could cost you around $100 per vet check out. This is an extra expense that you must be mindful of.

Family pet Insurance.

Guaranteeing your Ragdoll is an extremely peroneal decision.

Depending on the kind of insurance in your area, it can cost you in between $35-75 per month. That aside, you need to also have an independent savings account for your pet requires which can develop anytime.

Toys, Beds, and Other Extras.

Toys, beds and other goodies can cost a great deal of cash, depending upon where you source them.

You’re likely to cough up $60-120 (at least!) as upfront expenses before you pick what you want for your Ragdoll.

And it’s an ongoing expense for a feline you will probably have for a minimum of 15 years!

To Adopt or To Buy a Ragdoll Cat.

It’s true that images of dejected cats behind cages have actually flooded the internet and can evoke effective emotions.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) notes that 33 percent of families in the U.S. have a feline. This enormous variety of felines is an indicator of how much they’re genuinely enjoyed.

However, choosing whether to buy or embrace a Ragdoll cat can’t just be wished away. Since of this substantial variety of felines in the nation, lots of feline lovers and societies encourage potential feline owners to adopt from the animal shelters to give brand-new life to a cat.

There are reported cases of feline mistreatment in the ‘breeding mills’ where revenue supersedes principles. Lots of pundit’s state that you’ll be encouraging this unethical habits by purchasing felines from these ‘breeding mills’. Ragdoll kitty cat breeding mills aren’t any different.

Feelings aside, some people are doubtful about embracing a Ragdoll cat from an animal shelter.

And their worries are real.

Some felines with mystical backgrounds might be housed in these shelters just for you to embrace one with behavioral or severe medical issues.

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Additionally, some potential feline owners might simply choose pedigreed Ragdoll felines, which aren’t quickly discovered in animal shelters.

In as much as embracing a Ragdoll presents you with a challenge concerning its behavior and health, professionals from CFA firmly insist that adopting is the simplest and most affordable method to own a Ragdoll feline.

While the decision to embrace or purchase a Ragdoll feline shouldn’t be a spur of the minute decision, examining a credible breeder can help you prevent the problem of getting a Ragdoll cat that could leave you heart broken, should the cat be seriously ill.

IT’s Ultimately UP to You.

In the end, when picking a Ragdoll kitten to purchase, don’t count on price alone to be an assurance of the Ragdoll kitty cat’s health and breeding. That high cost ‘ought to’ show the quality of the kitten, but it’s not a guarantee.

It is your duty to examine the medical history and genes of the kitten. Check out all vet checkups, vaccinations (consisting of ‘trademark name’ of vaccine) and spaying/neutering treatments.

Your breeder ought to be open and more than prepared to disclose all info concerning the kitty cat’s history.

Do not rely on price to figure out the health of the feline.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the Price of a Ragdoll Cat Worth It?

While the initial expense of owning a ragdoll feline is high, it can’t be denied that many ragdoll lovers discover it worth every penny. Its affectionate nature makes this cat a charming breed worth having in the family.

Are Ragdolls a Good Breed of Cat To Own?

Yes, Ragdoll felines are not only gentle and calm but also friendly and affectionate. This type comes out as the most devoted to the owner and also attuned to psychological needs. This makes it an ideal companion animal that you can’t just do without if you enjoy animals.

Should I Look Around To Get a Deal on a Ragdoll Cat?

It’s constantly advisable to look around for the best offer. Keep in mind, different breeders offer various costs for their kittens. A few of these breeders offer discounts if you buy more than one kitten and a dollar conserved will imply a lot for you.

Will I Get a Discount if I Buy Two Ragdoll Kittens?

Breeders provide discount rates if you buy more than one ragdoll kitty cat. Some provide as much as a $150 discount on your second Ragdoll. These discounts motivate you to purchase more than one Ragdoll, which can provide friendship to each other.

How Do I Know What Breeder Is the Best Ragdoll Cat Breeder?

You can quickly tell if the breeder is a good one from the interview you have with them. This means that you should have a list of concerns beforehand as you step out looking for a great ragdoll breeder.

I Found a Breeder Selling a Purebred Ragdoll Cat for $175. Is This a Fair Price?

While this price may sound like a good bargain, beware of such because the kittens from these breeders might not be registered with associations such as TICA, CFA, ACFA. Without these registrations, you’ll just have the breeder’s word to depend on that this is a legitimate Ragdoll. Besides, the possibilities are high that this breeder is untrustworthy and might be selling you cats that have no Ragdoll blood in them. Constantly keep in mind that ‘backyard breeders’ might lack these felines’ interests in their mind, leave alone the purchasers’. Simply put, Purebred ragdoll cat rates should not be listed below $800 if you value your investment in this this kind of breed.

Do Female Ragdolls Cost More Than Male Ragdoll Kittens?

Yes, the female ragdoll feline rate is higher than the male ragdoll price due to the fact that the women can replicate. Once again, the male ragdolls are most likely to establish medical issues as they get older.

It Seems Like the Cost of the Purebred Ragdolls Is High, but Then There Are No More Costs. Is This Correct?

This isn’t a right declaration. Owning a ragdoll features maintenance costs that consist of food, emergency situation vet services, grooming, and others. Therefore, it would assist if you were prepared to sustain these costs when you buy the ragdoll feline.

Are Some Colors and Patterns of Ragdolls More Expensive Than Others? Yes. There’re unusual color patterns that would usually cost more than others. The tortie patterns cost more than the normal mitted patterns.

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